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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Twelve [12]

Scene : Twelve [12]

Casts : Princess. Christopher . Lorenzo .

Location : Photo-studio . One of the Main Office . CLassyLand Avenue 12

Time : Morning, 11 am .

Plot : If shutting me off was all you ever wanted - I 'll race to win your heart. Despair or happiness ?

Novel : Chapter Twelve.

Christopher invited Princess to come over to his office. Princess never know he got his own fashion photography office. He was having a big prevalent project assignment for his clients. He wanted Princess to be part of his project . He acquired more classy models for his photo shoot alongside videography for his ' Retro Glamour Fashion Magazine '. Not forgetting , TV commercial for her. 

Princess : Whoa! Chris , this is a huge fashion shoot office. Thanks for the project . I never knew you are the big boss owner here. 

Chris : Yes , princess . I have a gift for you . Please accept this rose and a box of diamond ring . It's a token of my longing love for you . I want you to be my true girlfriend and future wife one day . Will you love me as who I am and be part of my life forever? 

Princess : Wow - Truly Mr. Chris ? You ' re not kidding me ! It's a stunning red rose with a ring ? Amazing proposal. On the project day. It's today . I hope no ears on our conversation . A big ' Yes ' for my prince , Christopher . The ring is as charming as the buyer . Haha . If you are  the ring , I am the white diamond . Likewise meant to be together - will never be apart. shine bright break none.

Chris : Yes , you are Miss Diamond of my heart . Thank you , my love . 

[ Hold her hands looking into her eyes deeply . ] 

You are the queen of rose but I am only the vase - I will hold you everyday everywhere . Thus you won't fall apart , unsupervised . [ Princess gently touch his nose with laughter .]  

If I am the moon , I will wait for you every night to keep you safe while you walk alone anywhere . Cause you are my star . We always live closer no matter how far . 

Princess : If I am the water , I will shower you . You always take your bath cause you never want to miss me - your water will flood you in your bath tub . 

Chris : Haha [ Laughter. ] Hmmm ... Witty ! Sigh ..........

Lorenzo : [ Clapping his hands loud .]  Wow , Bravo! You are wrapping your arms around Princess . Whoa ! Please don't do this here . I think you know I am waiting for my photo shoot with my princess . What the hell is happening now ? Our battle challenge isn't over yet ? 

Chris : Well , princess has accepted my wedding proposal today . Hence , there's no challenge Mr. Lorenzo . Perhaps , you can try next time . You can please proceed taking model photo shoot with your secret admirer right now . I am calling my photographers . Please be patient . 

Lorenzo : I think I am considering talking or discuss this after our project . [ Smirked his smile . ]

All of them proceed to the photo shoot location without wasting much time . The photo shoot was flocked with couple of  gorgeous models alongside photographers watching the artistic work . Lorenzo was a tall and handsome model taking a flair poses with a stunning, soft as well as fairest model . Both looked perfection as expected by the clients . Sexy-looking models being fascinated by the audience . Both princess hands all over Lorenzo - hence making christopher a slight envied . However , Chris being years doing in this field , he tried to look professional for his project . Lorenzo knew the opportunity to swoon princess during the model job - was getting harmless . Despite of his efforts , he was enraged by the ignorant of princess . Will he be able to get princess back to his arms ? 


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Friday 24 March 2023

Secret Boyfriend : Episode Eleven

Scene: Eleven[11]

Casts: Princess.Christopher.Lorenzo.

Location: Enormous Electronic Boutique-Tablet/Pc

Time: Afternoon-4pm

Plot: Denying the approached. Unwelcome  stranger pops out - 'Daunting Interference.' "Why me?"

Novel: Chapter Eleven[11]

Princess was talking to someone on the phone. Waiting for her next date to come and help her out. 'Criiiiiinnnggggg' - the hand phone of hers  ringing constantly. Her silver glittering flip phone was taken out from her ' Prada ' clutch bag. Some shoppers nearby was turning heads glancing on her glamour phone.

Christopher: Hello, Beauty Model! Hello..hi, I'll be a little delayed.Been caught in the high traffic presently. My volks wagon car movingless. I'll be reaching you in a bit if i could, princess.

Princess: Hey you, Christopher! Wonderful, hope you be calm and meet me right here, outside the electronic's boutique. Thanks much, Chris.

A male hand tried to pulled her arm. She hastily turned her head instantly.Shocked to see Lorenzo expressionless face stood close to her.

Lorenzo: Hey, Princess! What you doing in the computer store here? [Unsmiling lips.]

Princess: Lorenzo! Don't hold my arm, please. My boyfriend is very jealous. Hands off me! What you thinking ? Eww!!


Lorenzo: Who? What? That part-time sugar daddy? Princess,babe,I'm your future husband.Your dad has approved the deal.Why you like him? You don't trust me but why? Princess, you deserve a guy like me to pamper you. Unlike Christopher, he is boring. I can purchase anything you ever want in life. You must lived life as a lovely queen in a golden huge mansion villa. In addition, a posh limousine car, accompanied with personal driver to any business meetings.You are downgrading your 'high society status', princess.I am waiting for you till you are brace . You are simply envied.Cause I traveled frequently with all the most beautiful girls around the globe.'I'm absolutely generous indeed.' Showering gifts to girls were Nothing. Ultimately, I only have my heart left for you to stay. Nobody else is a mirror reflection of you.Trust or no?

Christopher: Uhuh! I'm surprised, Lorenzo. Your true confessions are voiced out. However, why are you following princess? Don't dare to touch her! She is mine, pretty soon. Am I a clown here watching your love soap bubbles? Huh....Arrrghh.


Lorenzo: Do I look as if I'm a busybody man to you? I don't give a damn she your girlfriend or not? I am wanting her . We have to talk softly. The customers here better not hear us . When you getting married , Mr. Prince? Next three years or what? Talk to me,hm-mm.[smirked]

Christopher: Wow, yeah! You getting too early saying on Princess's engagement. Could be much earlier less than that. But don't be too fret. You are cordially invited as my VIP's guest. Not to hurt you. You must attend , Mr. Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Whoa! I certainly come. I'll be the first to watch this fabulous loving ceremony. I am disheartened about this plans. Well, I can't say a No or Stop the lovey romantic birds like the two of you. But, but and but - bodyguard, please, take my camera in the car. I want to take pictures of this hottest couple on earth.

Bodyguard: Yes surely, Mr. Lorenzo.I will be back shortly. [rush out to the car.]

Christopher: Taking our pictures , Lorenzo? Are you feeling okay or you are teasing me?

Princess: Chris. You truly saying engagement to Lorenzo? Am I uninformed? I am puzzled . [ Sealed face with her palms.] Eww , Lorenzo be very blown off to hear this. Enraged or honored I have found my Mr. Knight? Uh , Sorry Mr. Richie Lorenzo - I am unbreaking your heart or yes? Hmm-mm... Please be with your beautiful sweet honey, please please, I have no say , it's indeed too late now to rewind the past.


Lorenzo: I am glad to take you both guys, photograph. My pleasure. Whether I am with my gorgeous girl or no - I am still deciding my future wife. I have got no time to play this Chess Games. Stop making me envy, Miss Princess.


Christopher: Whatever, Lorenzo! Enough talking. I am busy here with Princess. Shall we speak or discuss this next available venue, boss.? Have sweet moments with your girlfriend, later. Goodbye, Mr. Richie Lorenzo.[Putting a Disgusted face.]


Lorenzo left the boutique. Chris and Princess kept looking at the outstanding computer and tablet. They wanted to buy a gift for each other. The prices of the products have dropped to 50% off. It's a special sale store wide for all items. Christopher and Princess couldn't wait to get those product despite, the unstoppable  queue waiting near the cashier counter. Well, perhaps they might as well wait for their turn.'The most yawning non-romantic '$Dollar$' dating day.'

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Wednesday 22 March 2023

Secret Boyfriend : Episode 10

Scene : Ten [10] 

Casts : Princess. Christopher. Lorenzo. Leandre.

Location: Ballroom Dance Floor. Live Band with Music On!

Time: Night Till 2am.

Plot: A Big Fuss.  Can they handle these ? 

Novel: Chapter 10

The music was very funky and hip. It was very enjoyable for the guests. Most of the crowd filled out the dance floor. Some even busy watching the singer and the Live Band performed the entire night. Besides, discussing their work loads - they could released their tension with the best musicians in town. The most epic festival they waiting for. from far, princess saw Lorenzo talking to some beautiful girls. He stole the chance to have a glance on princess - giving the serious look. Princess quickly pulled Christopher arm to the dance floor . She was tremendously distracted by Lorenzo meaningless glance . Her dad having his tasty late dinner with his buddies. 

Christopher: Whoa! You are a greatest dancer ever! [ Talking louder than the music. His lips almost near her ear.]

Princess: Hey, thanks Chris. Your dance moves better off than mine. [Dancing non-stop.]

All of a sudden, princess was being pushed from her back. She almost fell on the ground floor. However, Chris was as briskly enough to hold her on his arms immediately. Princess fell her head knocked on his shoulder. A ' Hard Knock ' as Chris body build was as tough as a gym athlete . 

Lorenzo: Ouch! I am very sorry. This is purposelessly , Miss dazzling . Eww , I can feel your pain. That's loving fell on his arms. How romantic? [Smirked] She's fine or no, Mr. Christopher? Well, enough embracing each other. All Vips staring at both of you. It's unofficial lover yet. Damn ! 

Christopher: [ Shove Lorenzo away.] Hey, Lorenzo. shut up your mouth ! Do I look like I care ? Stop bothering princess . She is my princess. Are you jealous or what? 

Lorenzo: Look at my face , Chris. I am not jealous . I have my girls here dancing with me. But, but, but, your princess is absolutely stunning tonight . Thus, I am yet to be satisfied cause I almost lose this battle . Are you competing with me ? 


Princess: You again, Mr. Lorenzo. Aren't you enough flirting with girls ? Eww, I hate you, Lorenzo! You better stop dreaming in front of my dad. I mean business here.

Christopher: Hahaha - You hear what she saying . She don't like you now! Before, it's the past. Let the past gone. 

Lorenzo: I don't care a damn, Mr. Chris! I can't let any other man touch her. You are one of those I am spying . Watch your back - You! 

Chris: Whatever Lorenzo! You can't get her. She's mine! Back off! Slap your butt ass, Lorenzo.

Princess: I am turning your offer down! My dad won't listen to you. enough talking.

Lorenzo: I am making sure you come back to me.(Frowned his small diamond shaped face.)  He is not for you. Can he afford to purchase luxury gifts , cars for you? I'm wealthy unlike  him. Yeah, you just wanted to make me jealous. Because , I break your heart. Well, I am indeed jealous hurt, princess! You decide soon or you suffer later. I am not joking , damn! [ Slap his head.]


 Dad: Guys, gentlemen , stop this argument please! Excuse me, All three Vips , please continue your ' Talk'  outside of this ballroom. Don't create a scene in front of my business partners. Unsightly attempt! These a Shame! Princess, my daughter, please bring them out. Thank you for the respect. [ Stern voice thrown out of his mouth.] 

The three of them left the ballroom. Chris purposely pulled princess arm by his side walking outdoor. Lorenzo rolled his eyes giving the most annoying looks throughout the entire night.

Lorenzo: Yeah , yeah . Guys , you both lovely couple - lovey doves  pretend to make me angry. Don't have to show off  artificial lovey birds walking here there , Miss princess. You don't seems known Chris that long enough. I better spill the beans. How you begin to crush him, it's ain't happening here! Enough bullshit - girl. Ouch! You want me to feel the pain bleeding gushing out of my skin or what now?

Princess: Eww, Lorenzo! Whatever with your dreamland, neverland! You Liar! You loved some girl, marry her. I am not your subtitute girlfriend. Eww, your sugar baby - No Way! Ugly planner. Pain? Eww - as though breaking a sugar baby's heart. Merely nothing pinned me down. 

Stephanie : Lorenzo, My baby , Honey ! Hang out with me, faster! Oh my gosh! You taking too much time outdoor. My dress getting colder without your warmness hug , please honey! [ Yelling from far.]

Christopher : Oh yeah! Hellboy daddy! Your sugar honey calling you ! Have a joyous night. My princess be taken care of by me then, I'm her Mr. King Charming . [ Kissed on princess cheeks lightly.] Ensure no pinch of jealousy later and again. 

Lorenzo: I 'll be right back soon! You aren't winning a lottery yet , Mr. Kisser Boy. Bam! Utterly Impossible! My priority Lists, boy! Prolonged our speech soon........

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Secret Boyfriend [Episode Nine]

Scene: Nine[9]

Casts: Christopher. Princess.

Time: Night.

Location: Luxury Hotel. Sky Park Elite. Top Floor.

Christopher held a glass of juice while admiring a stunning gold dress worn by princess. A fairest youthful girl stood alone locking her eyes on him - making him nervous and shy too. Both surprised with their first meeting or dating for a purpose. Alongside, the crazy confrontations from Mr. Lorenzo , making Chris very uncomfortable with their dating moments.  Apart from that, Princess held her plate of ice cream chocolate cake to consume while waiting to have a chat with him.


Christopher: Wow! I'm the luckiest boy to have been picked up by Miss Princess. The festival is magical glamour. Your dad was outspoken gentleman. He never shy away from opportunity to get close to anybody. Opportunity is wealth. You never know who you talking to might get you another best job deals. You are a sexy queen indeed! No wonder, Lorenzo very pissed off over us.

Princess: Whoa! I'm blushing , Chris. You are sweet-looking boy. You saved my life from Mr. Sarcasm- Lorenzo. You are spontaneous to argue with Lorenzo. Despite the fact, you don't know anything about me.You can pretend that I'm your girlfriend when Lorenzo see us together.

Christopher: I am fine about it. You have hired me as your boyfriend as mentioned in our deal. Thus far, I'm certainly pretending to be yours. Apparently, it's awkward but I am professional dater. However, I am feeling a slight special seeing a sexy princess standing close to me. Perhaps, you could tell me a little more about Miss Stunning Princess.

Princess: I have to confess right now. I hired you as my boyfriend because my dad wanted to see my virtual husband to be. But, I have to ask you for a favor . It's too much demands from me. I know you been paid and leave me after this event over by midnight.

Christopher : Are you saying I am force to leave you now ? If I choose to stay with you - I might stay. I am mesmerize by your fairest beauty.

Princess: I think you look familiar . Have we met before? Do you think so? Or I have mistaken you with someone else.

Christopher: I can't recall anything . Maybe ain't me. What else you want me to do here, princess?

Princess: Firstly, I want you to get rid of Lorenzo. He is very jealous of me. On the other hand, I am going dancing on the ballroom floor - to have some peace before Lorenzo annoys me in this festival. Ah, you can even dance ballet if you want to in front of the audience. Hmm mm......

Christopher: Well, I am helping you. Your demands will be fulfilled anytime. I can see Lorenzo is strolling here there looking for someone . Aha.. he is thinking you avoiding his companion tonight. He cant forget your 'Love Affair' with him.

Princess: I don't think so he is having girlfriends too anywhere in his life. I am not exceptional for him. He is judging I am alone after the separation. Let's go to the ballroom . Dad might be waiting for us . We are taking too long, Mr. Christopher.

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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Eight [8]

 Scene : Eight [8]

Casts: Clare. Leandre. Lorenzo. Christopher.

Location: Luxury Hotel. Dinner & Dance Festive. [Ballroom]

Time: Evening. Almost Dark.


Many Vips, guests and business partners attended this festival. It's crowded as well as filled out most of the dining seats. Musical song aired across the huge ballroom. Variety of food and beverages for the selection. It's unforgettable the guests. 


Dad [Leandre] : Hey, Mr. Victor. How's the show for this festival? What do you think?


Lorenzo: It's pretty overwhelming. Having amazing insightful conversation with other Vips as well. Pertaining to our partner deal. Haven't caught sight of Clare . Perhaps, she can answer your deal. 

[ Smirked face]


Dad: Again, Mr. Lorenzo?! You mean Clare? She is outside waiting for her guests. you can have a chat with her as soon as she returns.


 Lorenzo: Ah Yes! That's Clare, Mr. Leandre. Mmmmm, some guy with her. I am not happy about it. [Roll eyes.]


Dad: Sorry, Lorenzo? Say it, again? The voices behind getting louder.


Clare: Daddy! [Waving towards Mr. Leandre.] I'm coming.


Dad: Hey, Princess! You almost late, Baby Girl! [Laughing.] Whose that with you? Anything special this evening, my princess?! 


 Clare: Dad, I'm waiting for Mr. Him. Your future son-in-law.[Laughing falsely.]

Christopher stood handsomely like a fashion model proudly smiling to Clare's father. Before he could shake this hand and greet Mr. Leandre, He had been greeted by Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: [Smirking his smile,] I'm Lorenzo - Mr. Leandre future business partner. Above all, I am Miss Clare Ex- boyfriend. Thus so, you are her king or ?

Christopher: Hello, I am Chris. [Before he could further his sayings - Clare cut their greeting instantly.]

Clare: Ah hey Lorenzo! Wonderful greeting. You don't have to talk about the past to Chris. Those are foul impression to Chris. Don't you have job meetings with your clients, Mr. Lorenzo . Damn!

Lorenzo: Leandre [Roll eyes up.] As promised, our deal be secured - unless my wedding with your daughter approved . Haven't I told you , dad , oops - I admire Clare.

Christopher : What?! Say it again. Did I heard some confessions?

Dad: Oh wait, hold up. Nobody is angry. Stay calm everyone. Lorenzo , I can figure out your prospect. I have no say, yet. I will ask Clare for her decisions. It's her Life. Will discuss this later.

Lorenzo: Yeah , I can't wait. She be mine - That's absolutely a no go for - Mr. Christopher.

Christopher: Mr. Lorenzo, You listen to Clare words to her dad. I'm her prince. are you lost, Mr.????

Lorenzo: Oh yes - Mr. Chris or Mr. just a kiss, I don't care. You can never touch get my ex-girlfriend! You are dreaming  or sleeping? Clare is ain't yours.

Christopher: You are jealous loser, Lorenzo. Come again! Mr. Lorenzo or Mr. Low Rent maybe. Ah, curing our princess from major 'heartbreak' isn't the reality to Miss Clare. Shut up, Damn it, Victor. What else Mr.  Honey CEO?

Lorenzo: Wow, Yes! I'm watching who won battleships. You - Mr. Christopher or ain't me- Mr. Lorenzo? I ensure you are not her prince charming - Damn! Unless,  you Mr. Business Tycoon - Ah, I'm considering she's your Queen. [ Smirked his smile.]

Christopher: Damn you! Shut that mouth , eek! Whether I am rich or poor - It doesn't matter to you. Who cares? Let say it, I'm in love with her. What can you do about it? You want to steal her from me or murder me? Haha [ chuckling coyly.]

Lorenzo: [ Looked  up in his thoughts. Then, turned his head furiously.] Do I look as a serial killer, Christopher? Ish Ish, I'm better off with my pile of office documents,rather than shoot you. Haha. Smirked]

Christopher: Well, I tell you what, Mr. Lorenzo. I'll see you soon one day. We'll figure out how to resolve those dumpster love affair. I'm busy with my job phone calls now. Chat later....[Walked away hastily.]

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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Seven

Scene : Seven (7)

Casts : Lorenzo. Clare. 

Location: Shoe Boutique. (Grandeur Mall.)

Time: Evening.

Plot: Hate or Love ? 

Clare was walking to the shoe boutique when she suddenly noticed someone familiar. She wanted to purchase a stunning heel shoes. However, the tall white man turned his head staring at her. Oh my gosh, it was her ex-boyfriend. Clare did not want to bump into him. She ran out of the boutique pretending he didn't caught her presence. While running away, her handbag dropped on the floor. She felt someone held her arm.

Lorenzo: Hey, Clare. Are you alright? You looking busy running so quickly from who?

Clare : Oh yeah, I'm rushing to a meeting . Hmmmm, you can let your finger off my arm now, Lorenzo. Not cute anymore.

Lorenzo: Ooops , opologise. I can't stop doing that. You know I have been trying to talk to you. But you ignore my messages.

Clare: You wanted a break up. I won't talk to my ex-boyfriend unless we are a friend then. You are my foe or which one? I know you have tons of admirers. I am not your type. Stop imagining about us. It's never exist, Lorenzo.Oh yeah, I can see you with your girlfriends now. Hmmmm.... lovely indeeed. Your new lover is here, that's wonderfully sexy. So, what you want more, Mr. Lorenzo? Damn. Shut up, please.

Lorenzo: Haha! Yeah, Clare. I won't stop talking about you or us. Those girls - waiting further for my drama with you. They are my part time lovers. Doesn't that count on you? You don't care about me. And hence, why you asking now.  Shut up, Clare! I am reporting this to your Dad! You are Insane! I am making sure your dad will accept me as your future husband. Are you listening, Clare?! I have a huge business deal with your dad. If you reject my wedding proposal, your dad will lose his big client as me!!! Now what, Miss Princess ????

Clare: What? What you mean? Whose wedding? Stop your threat Lorenzo. I don't care. You better go ahead with your lovers. I am not your part-time future wife. You will regret one day if I show you my new boyfriend. He better be more devoted than you Lorenzo. You just a loser! Can't stay permanent with your lover. You are just boring ever! Hope you be glad with your lover. Goodbye Mr. Lorenzo!!!!!

Lorenzo: I'll ensure you never bliss with your whoever crush. Damn, you never can be with any who cause I will be your shadow here there and after. You can't ignore me ever again. Uh yeah, regret or never. Your life ,Clare. See you , wherever .

Clare : Shut up, Lorenzo! You crazy or me ? Whatever Mr. Ex Boyfriend. Damn it! Ishhhh...Ishhhh...

To be continued.....

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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Six

Scene : Six (6)

Casts : Clare. Manager. Gloria (Secretary.)

Location : Clare's  Office

Time : Morning

Plot: Calling the Hot date Service! So what will be the deal for her?

Boom!!!!!! A loud door sound heard far outside her office room where all colleagues constantly passing by the Fashion spacious office . [ A sign of fabulous opportunity awaits for you.]

Clare: Good morning, am I calling the exact hotline? Can I speak to the person in charge of the hot date service ?

Manager: Yes , Miss. When do you need the service? Please update me your personal particulars to be of service for you. 

Clare: Certainly, sure. I want good looking masculine date. Can I choose? I am Miss. Clare. My hotline is 378-33377828. I'll message you my particulars later after I hang up the phone.

Manager: What kind of location or event you asking this date to attend for ?

Clare: It's my dad's Business Dinner and Dance Event. Ensure he is off ready for this red carpet grand event in the evening. Wearing gold suit is compulsory.

Manager : I will wait for your information soon before the event. Please make instant payment once after you meet the date we send to you. Miss, do you need me to send the profile of your current date via email ? What else you need for this event?

Clare: Oh thank you much. That's about all. Talk to you very soon. Your service is awesome.

A knock on the door. Her secretary opened the door wide and entered the room instantly.

Secretary: Clare, you have got an important call just now. However, you are busy on the next phone line. Its pertaining to a charity job that you would like to provide some assistance. Would you still interested to participate ? Hence, how would I go about managing these offer?

Clare: Hmmm....., yes Gloria. I am in a middle of urgent matters. Please provide my cash cheque as soon as you return. I am making a donation to this organisation for the unfortunate families , kids together with the elderly. This a huge assistance for them to celebrate life and make everyday ends meet. How about $80,000 ? Is it sufficient?

Secretary[Gloria] : Oh yes, CEO, Clare. That's very generous of you. Very kind indeed yet specific. I'll be back ready for the cheque for you to sign . If there anything more to announce me or I should bring the cheque.

Clare: Yes , one more note. Please let the director of the organisation know that I'll be coming to their office center . I 'll might participate in the charity event and seeing the families as well. Please update me when the confirmation date so I can make myself available. Thank you much, my pretty Gloria.

Gloria: Certainly, Miss Clare. I be right back soon. Thank you. [Walking with her high heel shoes to the door. Subsequently, closed  the door swiftly.]

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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Five

Scene: Five

Cast : Clare

Location: Clare's Living Room . Condominium.

Time : Afternoon.

Plot: Immediate Attention. Read your letter! Saving your Life! 

Right after her work, she dashed to the personal mailbox. She got a few couple of mails for her. She quickly put them in her red handbag. Taking a staircase to her apartment to the third floor. A wonderful daily exercises for her body - looking slim and fit. Entering her apartment was ultimately heaven. Push her body on the couch. Checking, reading her mails. One of the mails, caught her attention. A red heart letter, smelt a strong floral fragrance delivered to Clare.

The mailing letter written as this →

Exclusive Services Everywhere Right At Your Door!

Don't Fret. Panic. Lonely? Boring ? Need a Companion?

A Romantic Date ? We've got you covered!

Call our hotline Now → 1800-2828-4228

Charges per Hour/Day.

Service → Negotiable!

Hot Gorgeous Date

Waiting For You! Don't Miss This A Lifetime Chance!



Clare : Oh Yes! Thanks to God! I have got the help. Perhaps, from the angel above. My dad going to see my fake husband soon! Oh yeah, this is hilariously adorable.... Yes!!! [ Jumping , yelling in victory! - Shaking her booty all around the room. Her dad expectation absolutely- Done!] 

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Secret Boyfriend: Episode Four

Scene : Four

Casts : Clare. Clare's Dad.

Location: Home [Condominium] High-rise Condominium.

Time: Evening after her job.

Plot: An invitation letter to attend. Are you coming?

Clare was busy watching her television program. Out of a sudden, she received a phone call- buzzing continuously. Her dad called her, his name appeared on the phone screen. She immediately answered the call. Her dad rarely called her. However, it could be pretty emergency. What was it about? Her dad deep voice blaring across her mobile phone.

Dad: Clare! Omg,clare. Are you there? Or lost My kiddo? Clare, stop hiding. Your dad, here.

Clare: Yes, dad. I am listening. What was it?

Dad: Okay calm down, honey. I am organising a grand evening dance event specifically for my clothing boutique. It's very huge , classic and rich. Inviting all my Vip clients and business partners for this exclusive entrance . Will you be coming , my daughter?


 Clare: Oh, my dad! I'm thrilled as well as excited. When will that be? Any delicious foods, buffet for me? Yeah, I will bring along my buddies too. Indeed, enlightening, Yes.....Yes.

Dad: Oh my goodness, yes bring your fabulous squad. However, on one condition, your lifetime partner, boyfriend or future husband? Anything you mention it. I request his. As soon as you step into this grand event. if you not inviting him , I am not allowing you to see me . I am very stern about this requests. You get it on your head, Clare. Your dad not a clowning joker.

Clare: Dad! No way! This not happening. Are you out of your mind? I am pretty busy. I have got no date for the past years. Please be more lenient, my handsome dad. Hahahahaha, I am laughing about your demands.

Dad: Yeah, my stunning daughter. I have got fax coming in. Talk to you later. Please be braced. The event by end of the month. No boyfriend, no dance buffet.

The phone hanged up instantly. After the severe warnings. Clare wasn't thrilled but panic despair. She really wished to attend the grand event. However, her dad not in a joyous mood this week. Yeah, his upcoming fashion trend for the ladies and gentlemen, making him working round the clock. Less time for his family. Nonetheless, he was very concerned  pertaining to Clare steady boyfriend. Not expecting Clare being single all the time.

P/S I am doubting she has found a lover in a short period of time. Will she be attached after the demands?

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Sunday 5 March 2023

Secret Boyfriend [Episode Three]

Episode : Three

Casts : Christopher. Veronica. Clare.

Time : After 12 Noon.

Location : Gym Nearby Mall.



Christopher was practising  with his running . He was keeping himself fit and slim. He was on the jogging track machine. At the sametime, he was busy flirting with a tall , beautiful lady. 

Chris : You're beautiful , Veronica. You have a boyfriend or a lonely lady ? [Looking intensely on her lips.]

Veronica: Hey, Cutey boy! [Smile coyly] Are you hitting on me ? I'll tell you later.

Chris: Yeah , yup. I'm in a rush to the gent .[Toilet.] I talk to you soon. [Winking his right eye at Veronica.]

While walking briskly to the gent, he accidentally dropped someone mobile phone. The phone broke and dispersed into pieces on the floor. A loud metal sound broke the silence.

Chris: Omg! Apology Miss...... Ma'am?

Clare : Oh No! My phone!?!? Are you clumsy? You better repair this or else.....?

Chris : Wait, hold up! Don't get rage. I am paying for this phone. 

Clare: I don't want your cash ! What should i do now??!

Chris : Well, stop yelling! This my name card. CAll me if you need my help, babe.

Clare: Well, thank you. Maybe I call but I can afford a phone, dude!

Christopher left the babe in a dilemma. He found her familiar. Chris returned back to Veronica after the the busy washroom. Clare was busy running on the track machine.  She must enforced herself to get fit and sexy lean as demanded.


Meanwhile, she incidentally caught a glimpse of Christopher holding the girl hands. Uh, Clare just knew he got a girlfriend somehow. No matter what, she don't bothered or puzzled. Yeah, his girlfriend was absolutely pretty than Clare Belle or maybe no. Hmmmm, he was a charmer, diamond jawline as well as flawless skin. Could probably enchant any girls instantly. Still ongoing- running exercising on the machine constantly. She never stops and will never be. She was sweating alongside feeling exhausted.In spite of her hobby, her eyes kept looking and turning head- at the adorable couple kissing each other publicly. She was getting disgusted as well as annoyed with that Young boy who had bumped on her earlier today. Notwithstanding, he was still present near to her machine. Oh yeah, Clare just got dumped by her past crazy ex- boyfriend - that's the reasons being disgusted  watching  a love drama right on her sight. While running , talking to heart, '' please both guys, cute couple. Don't make kissing scene here. I am not in the mood to have a date out tonight. Do it somewhere when I am not around,  to feel the annoyance of your drama right now its not my idea of  being stationed here as a lamppost. 'oh no, rubbing among each other waist and eeeee.....gosh slapping the sexy butt.' Was he making me envied or what was he thinking? Uh luckily, he finally stopped- he went behind her and tied her long silky hair. Well, Clare Belle be focused . Don't look at him! 

P/s:: Why Clare looking at Christopher all the time? She was unhappy over the mistakes or admiring his beauty? Do you think she will meet Christopher one day even he has a 'steady girlfriend' or after he is a single man? 

Stay tuned. Catch on the next chapter. #non-fiction novel #artificial #romantic comedy.


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