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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Seventeen [17]

Scene : Seventeen [ 17 ]

Casts : Princess. Christopher. Chris's Parents. Guests. 

Location : Central Seaview Beach . Chalet/HoteL Beach Splash ! WoW.

Plot : A Disastrous Knot?! Must I Listen to The Prickly Hurtful Words ? What Must I do? A Knot or the 'Not Nod' ?

Novel : Chapter [ 17 ]

The Long , wide sand beach somewhere in the central of the island where most residents laid back watching the blue sea view and foamy waves . A crowd of well - dressed invited guests hanging around at the wedding party. Finally , the glorious day has begun for the bride and groom . 

Princess : Wow! Looking masculine , darling . Do you liked your suit ? I am shy. Your colleagues coming to see you with your bride. I don't feel comfortable ! Quite uneasy with this event.

Christopher : Hmm, don't be shy , princess ! I am here to be with you. Just don't look at the crowd. You want to be the bride . So , I has granted your dreams . You're as stunning as a beauty pageant. However, you look depressed . Cheer up ! Beauty Queen. 

Monica (Chris's Mum) : Oh , my charming son ! You're the greatest groom supermodel as always . Ultimately, my son is smiling very wide . Isn't your wildest dreams turning to reality ? Your lovely princess looking pretty to be your lifetime wife. That's fabulous expectations. Don't dishearten my son , princess. You have yet to know about him . 

Princess : What do you mean , Mrs. Monica ? I don't get the words. 

Christopher : Mum! What are you talking about ? We're in the middle of my party. You are making me saddened . Can we discuss this later tonight ? She is having a blissful moments with me . You are ruining the event . You can have a delicious meals with dad while waiting for us . 

Princess : My prince , darling ! Let Mum clarify what is very prevalent to her or probably us . Don't be pissed off . 

Monica : Have you seen his baby girl ? He owned a baby girl ? She is a gorgeous four years old, kid. She is here with the babysitter . Later she wants to see you , my son. 

Princess : Christopher ! Was that the truth ?!! Your daughter ? Since when ? Chris! You lied to me ! You said you are a single man ! You have another woman's baby ! I felt cheated .

 [ Belle felt Giddy as though her head spinning. She got a pain on her head . It's heavy. Suddenly,  She fell on the ground publicly - fainted. Unconscious. Lost balance of her body. ] 

Christopher : Princess ! Please don't faint here . Mum , what have you done to my wife ?! This is embarrassing . 

Monica : Oh my! Apologize my son ! CAll the doctor to come here! Chris, bring her back to her room. 

Christopher lifted princess body up and moved towards the hotel room . She rested on the bed unconsciously. Chris was utmost worried about her sudden collapsed . The doctor came just in time to examine his wife.

Doctor : Who is her husband ? Can I speak to him ? It's about her health concerned . Stay calm , relax a bit. 

Christopher : I am Christopher , her husband . Do you need assistance , Doctor? Please , ensure she gets up quickly.

Doctor : Hello , Mr. Christopher . She is unwell - she is having headache. Not having much rest . I will give her a medicine for her to get well. Don't fret , sir. Kindly, look after her well enough. Congratulation, she is certainly pregnant with her first baby. Today, your wedding party , have a splendid moments together . I have to get going now. Have urgent appointment to attend immediately.

Christopher : Hmmm, thank you much doctor. Your speedy assistance is very appreciated. Have a safe journey! I will take good care of my princess more. I will take note of your advice . Yeah , yay , I have got a baby very soon. 

Parents : That's awesomeness to know , son. You are lucky!

Christopher : Hey mum and dad . Princess just conscious now . She asking for me . Yes, love. Pheww ! at last, you wakes up after your collapsed . Please , sweetheart , rest on the bed. Don't talk too much . You're ill. Rest . Rest . 

Princess : I will be fine , though . Where is your baby girl ? Can I see her now? She must be a pretty girl like her handsome dad. 

Christopher : I will bring her later. She is sound asleep after playing with her toys . She said she adores you when she take a glimpse of you earlier . She can't wait to hug you , my love. I will explain more after you recover . However , you are pregnant . I am a proud dad. 

Princess : I Love You more than everything else in this world. I want you to see my dad. I am having a secret wedding . My dad will be shocked after what has happened . When can we travel to meet him, my Sweetie prince?  Eww , I am sick now - I can't plan. Talk to me , I am going home, home back home, am I right dear? (Blow kiss.) 

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Chris : Yeah , I will see your dad. I don't care that ex-boyfriend of yours. He can't take you away from me. Please consume your medicine. Once you recover, we will travel to where ever you want to go , Princess. Just wondering , you are having my baby in your tummy. Was the baby , mine ? Speak to me something.

Parents : Hey Christopher ! Someone looking for you here. Can they enter to meet you ? 

Chris: Yes please, allow them to meet me.

Halle: Hello, Chris. I'm back again to see you. However, it's your wedding with who? I hope it's ain't you as the groom. you should know I am jealous if you dated other girl. You promise to wait for me after my college. Apart from that, we are going to tie the knot. Say a word, please.

Chris: Oh yes! You Halle. Thanks for coming . I am her husband. I can't recall when I promise you about our engagement . I am in a middle of a conversation with my lovely princess. Can you call me next time to discuss this matter ?

Halle: I don't care. A promise it's a promise. I am coming to take what's mine. She don't deserves you, Chris. Well, she don't know whose that small kid of yours. Am I right ? 

I can't bare being hurt by your surprised wedding. I will wait for you. You don't loved her like how you adore me. That's little baby girl with you is our daughter . Don't forget this treasure , Honey. Big congrats to you ! See you one day. Look after our baby girl!! [ Left the room] 

Chris : Hey Halle ! Don't go! I have to explain this to my princess. Damn it. she left us so quick. Omg ! This is atrocious . 

Princess: What's happening, darling? Don't think too much. She is your ex-girlfriend. Issue-less. You can choose her or marry her when you are ready. I am your wife but we just know each other not long enough unlike her and you. I am such an empathetic wife cause of my dad wedding plans. I won't be furious nor despair presently . Inform me when when shall I return back home. I don't feel a needs to be here in your 'palace' . I will carry our baby home pretty much sooner. [ Lifted her body up slowly.]

Chris: Hmm, I don't mean to hurt your heart. I am saying a 'yes' to her. I am perplexed with these entire matters popped up . Please don't get up from your bed. Carry on and rest well. So to speak, I am saying 'yes' , yeah that's my only kid with her . She asking me to look after temporarily while waiting for her to stay with me. I have not propose to her as yet . I have fallen for you right after I met you. I knew you won't accept my baby girl. But it's just miracle I want to love and live with you. Was it wrong to be your husband and lived with you ? In spite of me having a kid neither yours. Therefore  , I'm sorry.

Princess: Hmm, thank you for the marvelous sayings . Love me like you do. Neither you nor me is brokenhearted . Let's do what best for your life. Sorry for the judgement. 

Lorenzo: Wow! Bravo, Miss Beauty Queen! At last, we have found you here. This is a spectacular wedding amour of you or who? That's evil alongside disgraceful wedding without telling your dad beforehand . How dare you princess? You are playing with fire cracker , indeed. You even despised your family ! Now , I want to take you home. Dad searching for you. 

Princess: Yeah, Lorenzo. I'm unhealthy today. I just fainted just now - you expected me to go home. I'm already home with my husband . Are you being sarcastic, Mr. CEO? 

Christopher: Hold on. Why you following my darling anyhow, anywhere? You better stop what you intended to do to her. You making me insane! What else you want, Mr. Lorenzo? 

Lorenzo: Cool, Mr. Christopher. I am not prying on your life - I'm coming to announce the truth. It's about time. Hmm, Princess should be pregnant. Am i too late to talk about this major issues?! 

Christopher: Since when I have told you she was pregnant. Are you a magician or what?! Enlightens me more , please.

Lorenzo: Hmm, are you certainly sure that's your baby inside her tummy? Or you pretend as though it's yours. She has been kidnapped by some random guy. She was drunk on that particular night after a birthday party bash. She probably been molested or even more - I'm uncertain what has that guy done to her . Subsequently, she has been released after that night. She was left unattended inside her own vehicle .  She has been unconscious the whole day since then. Utmost , drunk with drugs. Have I brief you enough? Hence, you figure these out. You might be assured she has your bay or the other alternative. [Smirked his face.]

Christopher: What again, you are saying? Are you out of your mind? Saying a toxic news on my most blessing event! Who that fella or toxic guy? I wish i could murder him! Princess! Are you hearing Mr. Lorenzo or not?! Top notch embarrassment to wonder about this. I'm absolutely unbearable to think my princess has been taken advantage and fallen in love on a wrong dude. ↓

Princess, have a rest , good sleep after your medication. I am leaving for a fresh air outdoor. I might be in another room. I'm ain't in a fabulous mood to talk to any body. Well , Mr. CEO - I am honored to hear your poisonous news! You may leave princess alone. She can't travel till she feels better. I will bring her along to see dad for a visit one day. 


 Princess: Hey, Mr. Ceo. that's despicably rudeness. I absolutely puzzled to what you saying about my life before. I have a hard knock giddy now. I can't talk. 

Christopher: Mrs. Lovely, I am highly disheartened pertaining to your pregnancy. I'm not speaking a word about who the father to the child . Leaving us alone for a moment could solve entire problems. I'm pretty awakened , I'm your dear husband but I felt cheated after those confessions. giving me time to reconsider our relationship. thus, either of us lucky to be bonded - I will discuss these further . Play your cards right, princess stunning. 

Lorenzo: Wow! That's incredibly amazing to listen to Mr. director speech . So to speak, why not she return home apart from staying here with a silent broken partner. Apparently, It's such a wasted garbage! C'mon , princess.

Christopher: What the hell, are you cursing me? mind your words! [ He pushed Lorenzo away. Enzo didn't fell but pushed him back. He was furious - he slapped lorenzo head for being a toxic hell. Hence, enzo hastily picked up a wooden stick to push Chris off his sight.] 

'Just Leave Us Alone , Mr. Ceo! '

Lorenzo: [ His nose bleeding.] I will ensure you be highly rage currently.

Hey, Mr. Director! Your face as red as a flaming blazing fire! Why not? That unborn baby of Mrs. Beauty Queen is apparently my baby! Haha. [ Laughed.] Thus far, have you accomplished your dreams of having a sexy single crush ?!

Christopher: What the hell? You are crazy! Ah wait! You're the insane creepy kidnapper who drugs her?! Shut up, Mr. Ceo. 

In addition, Lorenzo put his palm on his waist , laughing aloud. Chris ran swiftly to him along with a slide kicked on his standing leg. Enzo fell on the floor. He slapped his head instantly. 

Princess: Stop fighting, guys! Enough! [ Pulling Chris backwards away from Lorenzo.]

Christopher: It doesn't matter ! You can't have her baby. You already attached. So , that's not prevalent anymore . What else you want? That's my baby, you cheeky bastard man!

Lorenzo: Whatsoever , Mr. Director! I don't care about your crush. You can have her as long as you want! To sum this up, you can obtain my left over. I have got the taste of her! Hmmmm, yummy princess. [ Wiping his bleeding lips.] 

Christopher: Since you are the culprit . Criminal Boy! Hahaha..laugh now or regret later.  Pay her losses ! Otherwise, I'll report this to your wife. You sick jerk. I am unfulfilled ! Pay or report.


Lorenzo: I pay her cash cheque or cash. A $1,000 000 Millions dollars to seal this secret . Don't tell my wife or paparazzi. These are family affair issues. Our deal - issued and delivered  . My cheque for you , Princess. Don't spill the beans or secrets to your dad, princess! He will kill me for these. [ He handed over the cheque to princess instantly without delaying. ] 

''A lot of thank you Mr. Christopher for the deal. See you around when I can see you! Once you lied, you will see my face again in hatred. Have a nice day! ''

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''Secret boyfriend can always be your crush'' Hush hush......


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