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When you tell me you love me 

but you never said the truth 

Why you flirt 

When you say I'm the one .

Don't give me problems 

I'm better exclude you 

you came give me pain 

never ever try 

I erased you out of my brain .

Love you , Love that much 

Bright as the sun

you glow my face 

whenever you by my side 

say you love me , Adores me 

Whispers every now and then 

you inspired me every step of the way 

You move me to believe us 

Was it wrong to tell you these?

only you and me know 

you mean the world to me 

the book that i read

sadly, you left for the amazing star

She's a bright star, amazing star 

I'm  merely none nothing 

By myself Road to nowhere 

My sunny day seems a nightly 

The night turns all darkness breathless

Finally, All i want is no one

No one nobody no one 

Love me like how you do


Title of Lyric  : Can't know you Forget me

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