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Secret Boyfriend : Episode 10

Scene : Ten [10] 

Casts : Princess. Christopher. Lorenzo. Leandre.

Location: Ballroom Dance Floor. Live Band with Music On!

Time: Night Till 2am.

Plot: A Big Fuss.  Can they handle these ? 

Novel: Chapter 10

The music was very funky and hip. It was very enjoyable for the guests. Most of the crowd filled out the dance floor. Some even busy watching the singer and the Live Band performed the entire night. Besides, discussing their work loads - they could released their tension with the best musicians in town. The most epic festival they waiting for. from far, princess saw Lorenzo talking to some beautiful girls. He stole the chance to have a glance on princess - giving the serious look. Princess quickly pulled Christopher arm to the dance floor . She was tremendously distracted by Lorenzo meaningless glance . Her dad having his tasty late dinner with his buddies. 

Christopher: Whoa! You are a greatest dancer ever! [ Talking louder than the music. His lips almost near her ear.]

Princess: Hey, thanks Chris. Your dance moves better off than mine. [Dancing non-stop.]

All of a sudden, princess was being pushed from her back. She almost fell on the ground floor. However, Chris was as briskly enough to hold her on his arms immediately. Princess fell her head knocked on his shoulder. A ' Hard Knock ' as Chris body build was as tough as a gym athlete . 

Lorenzo: Ouch! I am very sorry. This is purposelessly , Miss dazzling . Eww , I can feel your pain. That's loving fell on his arms. How romantic? [Smirked] She's fine or no, Mr. Christopher? Well, enough embracing each other. All Vips staring at both of you. It's unofficial lover yet. Damn ! 

Christopher: [ Shove Lorenzo away.] Hey, Lorenzo. shut up your mouth ! Do I look like I care ? Stop bothering princess . She is my princess. Are you jealous or what? 

Lorenzo: Look at my face , Chris. I am not jealous . I have my girls here dancing with me. But, but, but, your princess is absolutely stunning tonight . Thus, I am yet to be satisfied cause I almost lose this battle . Are you competing with me ? 


Princess: You again, Mr. Lorenzo. Aren't you enough flirting with girls ? Eww, I hate you, Lorenzo! You better stop dreaming in front of my dad. I mean business here.

Christopher: Hahaha - You hear what she saying . She don't like you now! Before, it's the past. Let the past gone. 

Lorenzo: I don't care a damn, Mr. Chris! I can't let any other man touch her. You are one of those I am spying . Watch your back - You! 

Chris: Whatever Lorenzo! You can't get her. She's mine! Back off! Slap your butt ass, Lorenzo.

Princess: I am turning your offer down! My dad won't listen to you. enough talking.

Lorenzo: I am making sure you come back to me.(Frowned his small diamond shaped face.)  He is not for you. Can he afford to purchase luxury gifts , cars for you? I'm wealthy unlike  him. Yeah, you just wanted to make me jealous. Because , I break your heart. Well, I am indeed jealous hurt, princess! You decide soon or you suffer later. I am not joking , damn! [ Slap his head.]


 Dad: Guys, gentlemen , stop this argument please! Excuse me, All three Vips , please continue your ' Talk'  outside of this ballroom. Don't create a scene in front of my business partners. Unsightly attempt! These a Shame! Princess, my daughter, please bring them out. Thank you for the respect. [ Stern voice thrown out of his mouth.] 

The three of them left the ballroom. Chris purposely pulled princess arm by his side walking outdoor. Lorenzo rolled his eyes giving the most annoying looks throughout the entire night.

Lorenzo: Yeah , yeah . Guys , you both lovely couple - lovey doves  pretend to make me angry. Don't have to show off  artificial lovey birds walking here there , Miss princess. You don't seems known Chris that long enough. I better spill the beans. How you begin to crush him, it's ain't happening here! Enough bullshit - girl. Ouch! You want me to feel the pain bleeding gushing out of my skin or what now?

Princess: Eww, Lorenzo! Whatever with your dreamland, neverland! You Liar! You loved some girl, marry her. I am not your subtitute girlfriend. Eww, your sugar baby - No Way! Ugly planner. Pain? Eww - as though breaking a sugar baby's heart. Merely nothing pinned me down. 

Stephanie : Lorenzo, My baby , Honey ! Hang out with me, faster! Oh my gosh! You taking too much time outdoor. My dress getting colder without your warmness hug , please honey! [ Yelling from far.]

Christopher : Oh yeah! Hellboy daddy! Your sugar honey calling you ! Have a joyous night. My princess be taken care of by me then, I'm her Mr. King Charming . [ Kissed on princess cheeks lightly.] Ensure no pinch of jealousy later and again. 

Lorenzo: I 'll be right back soon! You aren't winning a lottery yet , Mr. Kisser Boy. Bam! Utterly Impossible! My priority Lists, boy! Prolonged our speech soon........

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