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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Eleven

Scene: Eleven[11]

Casts: Princess.Christopher.Lorenzo.

Location: Enormous Electronic Boutique-Tablet/Pc

Time: Afternoon-4pm

Plot: Denying the approached. Unwelcome  stranger pops out - 'Daunting Interference.' "Why me?"

Novel: Chapter Eleven[11]

Princess was talking to someone on the phone. Waiting for her next date to come and help her out. 'Criiiiiinnnggggg' - the hand phone of hers  ringing constantly. Her silver glittering flip phone was taken out from her ' Prada ' clutch bag. Some shoppers nearby was turning heads glancing on her glamour phone.

Christopher: Hello, Beauty Model! Hello..hi, I'll be a little delayed.Been caught in the high traffic presently. My volks wagon car movingless. I'll be reaching you in a bit if i could, princess.

Princess: Hey you, Christopher! Wonderful, hope you be calm and meet me right here, outside the electronic's boutique. Thanks much, Chris.

A male hand tried to pulled her arm. She hastily turned her head instantly.Shocked to see Lorenzo expressionless face stood close to her.

Lorenzo: Hey, Princess! What you doing in the computer store here? [Unsmiling lips.]

Princess: Lorenzo! Don't hold my arm, please. My boyfriend is very jealous. Hands off me! What you thinking ? Eww!!


Lorenzo: Who? What? That part-time sugar daddy? Princess,babe,I'm your future husband.Your dad has approved the deal.Why you like him? You don't trust me but why? Princess, you deserve a guy like me to pamper you. Unlike Christopher, he is boring. I can purchase anything you ever want in life. You must lived life as a lovely queen in a golden huge mansion villa. In addition, a posh limousine car, accompanied with personal driver to any business meetings.You are downgrading your 'high society status', princess.I am waiting for you till you are brace . You are simply envied.Cause I traveled frequently with all the most beautiful girls around the globe.'I'm absolutely generous indeed.' Showering gifts to girls were Nothing. Ultimately, I only have my heart left for you to stay. Nobody else is a mirror reflection of you.Trust or no?

Christopher: Uhuh! I'm surprised, Lorenzo. Your true confessions are voiced out. However, why are you following princess? Don't dare to touch her! She is mine, pretty soon. Am I a clown here watching your love soap bubbles? Huh....Arrrghh.


Lorenzo: Do I look as if I'm a busybody man to you? I don't give a damn she your girlfriend or not? I am wanting her . We have to talk softly. The customers here better not hear us . When you getting married , Mr. Prince? Next three years or what? Talk to me,hm-mm.[smirked]

Christopher: Wow, yeah! You getting too early saying on Princess's engagement. Could be much earlier less than that. But don't be too fret. You are cordially invited as my VIP's guest. Not to hurt you. You must attend , Mr. Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Whoa! I certainly come. I'll be the first to watch this fabulous loving ceremony. I am disheartened about this plans. Well, I can't say a No or Stop the lovey romantic birds like the two of you. But, but and but - bodyguard, please, take my camera in the car. I want to take pictures of this hottest couple on earth.

Bodyguard: Yes surely, Mr. Lorenzo.I will be back shortly. [rush out to the car.]

Christopher: Taking our pictures , Lorenzo? Are you feeling okay or you are teasing me?

Princess: Chris. You truly saying engagement to Lorenzo? Am I uninformed? I am puzzled . [ Sealed face with her palms.] Eww , Lorenzo be very blown off to hear this. Enraged or honored I have found my Mr. Knight? Uh , Sorry Mr. Richie Lorenzo - I am unbreaking your heart or yes? Hmm-mm... Please be with your beautiful sweet honey, please please, I have no say , it's indeed too late now to rewind the past.


Lorenzo: I am glad to take you both guys, photograph. My pleasure. Whether I am with my gorgeous girl or no - I am still deciding my future wife. I have got no time to play this Chess Games. Stop making me envy, Miss Princess.


Christopher: Whatever, Lorenzo! Enough talking. I am busy here with Princess. Shall we speak or discuss this next available venue, boss.? Have sweet moments with your girlfriend, later. Goodbye, Mr. Richie Lorenzo.[Putting a Disgusted face.]


Lorenzo left the boutique. Chris and Princess kept looking at the outstanding computer and tablet. They wanted to buy a gift for each other. The prices of the products have dropped to 50% off. It's a special sale store wide for all items. Christopher and Princess couldn't wait to get those product despite, the unstoppable  queue waiting near the cashier counter. Well, perhaps they might as well wait for their turn.'The most yawning non-romantic '$Dollar$' dating day.'

-Never try this in reality.😍-

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