Thursday 9 March 2023

Secret Boyfriend : Episode Five

Scene: Five

Cast : Clare

Location: Clare's Living Room . Condominium.

Time : Afternoon.

Plot: Immediate Attention. Read your letter! Saving your Life! 

Right after her work, she dashed to the personal mailbox. She got a few couple of mails for her. She quickly put them in her red handbag. Taking a staircase to her apartment to the third floor. A wonderful daily exercises for her body - looking slim and fit. Entering her apartment was ultimately heaven. Push her body on the couch. Checking, reading her mails. One of the mails, caught her attention. A red heart letter, smelt a strong floral fragrance delivered to Clare.

The mailing letter written as this →

Exclusive Services Everywhere Right At Your Door!

Don't Fret. Panic. Lonely? Boring ? Need a Companion?

A Romantic Date ? We've got you covered!

Call our hotline Now → 1800-2828-4228

Charges per Hour/Day.

Service → Negotiable!

Hot Gorgeous Date

Waiting For You! Don't Miss This A Lifetime Chance!



Clare : Oh Yes! Thanks to God! I have got the help. Perhaps, from the angel above. My dad going to see my fake husband soon! Oh yeah, this is hilariously adorable.... Yes!!! [ Jumping , yelling in victory! - Shaking her booty all around the room. Her dad expectation absolutely- Done!] 

Next Chapter →

To be continued......


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