Thursday 9 March 2023

Secret Boyfriend : Episode Six

Scene : Six (6)

Casts : Clare. Manager. Gloria (Secretary.)

Location : Clare's  Office

Time : Morning

Plot: Calling the Hot date Service! So what will be the deal for her?

Boom!!!!!! A loud door sound heard far outside her office room where all colleagues constantly passing by the Fashion spacious office . [ A sign of fabulous opportunity awaits for you.]

Clare: Good morning, am I calling the exact hotline? Can I speak to the person in charge of the hot date service ?

Manager: Yes , Miss. When do you need the service? Please update me your personal particulars to be of service for you. 

Clare: Certainly, sure. I want good looking masculine date. Can I choose? I am Miss. Clare. My hotline is 378-33377828. I'll message you my particulars later after I hang up the phone.

Manager: What kind of location or event you asking this date to attend for ?

Clare: It's my dad's Business Dinner and Dance Event. Ensure he is off ready for this red carpet grand event in the evening. Wearing gold suit is compulsory.

Manager : I will wait for your information soon before the event. Please make instant payment once after you meet the date we send to you. Miss, do you need me to send the profile of your current date via email ? What else you need for this event?

Clare: Oh thank you much. That's about all. Talk to you very soon. Your service is awesome.

A knock on the door. Her secretary opened the door wide and entered the room instantly.

Secretary: Clare, you have got an important call just now. However, you are busy on the next phone line. Its pertaining to a charity job that you would like to provide some assistance. Would you still interested to participate ? Hence, how would I go about managing these offer?

Clare: Hmmm....., yes Gloria. I am in a middle of urgent matters. Please provide my cash cheque as soon as you return. I am making a donation to this organisation for the unfortunate families , kids together with the elderly. This a huge assistance for them to celebrate life and make everyday ends meet. How about $80,000 ? Is it sufficient?

Secretary[Gloria] : Oh yes, CEO, Clare. That's very generous of you. Very kind indeed yet specific. I'll be back ready for the cheque for you to sign . If there anything more to announce me or I should bring the cheque.

Clare: Yes , one more note. Please let the director of the organisation know that I'll be coming to their office center . I 'll might participate in the charity event and seeing the families as well. Please update me when the confirmation date so I can make myself available. Thank you much, my pretty Gloria.

Gloria: Certainly, Miss Clare. I be right back soon. Thank you. [Walking with her high heel shoes to the door. Subsequently, closed  the door swiftly.]

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