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Secret Boyfriend [Episode One]

Scene : One
Casts : Princess. Christopher.Sierra.George.
Location : The Beach
 Time: Morning. Hot day.
 Plot : Must Look At You To Begin a Convo.
Novel : Chapter One [ 1 ]
Princess was walking alone at the beach. Walking towards the nearby tiny shop. All of a sudden, she felt a slight bumped across her white sling bag. She was infuriated. Herein, turning her head briskly.
Princess : Excuse me. Can't you see me here? Am I a Casper ? Hmmmm....careless dude!
Christopher: Oh , apology. I am in rush. Are you injured ?
Princess : I'm not. Non-bruised. However, it's tremendously fine. Thank you much, dude.
Christopher: Hmmmmm..... sexy lady, you know what, can I see you again here- similar place? 
Princess: Oh ah, hold on, I'm not your type. You gonna pass these prominent-less  ideas . 
Why you asking, dude ? Am I those bumped girls you query after every initial eye contact?
 You are such an easy catch, dude! That's unpromising style. 

Christopher : Ah Whoa Lady! You are top notch arrogant. Good day! Such a wasted talk. [Wipe his sweaty forehead after long hours walking on a hot sunny day.] You're dangerously classy but utterly depressed! Accusing an unknown dude publicly is madness - put that in your brain. you assuredly a lonely girl on the planet with trashy mouth. Must I asked you out if i am taken? I might maybe look inexpensive like  those sugar baby you knew currently but somehow I am Mr. Limited edition you can never seen in any walks of your life! Start running Girl, never i wish to bump you again. You sick. Your beginnings ain't my endings. Anything else, girl?

Princess: I'm pretty in a rush to get my stuffs. I am not in a fabulous mood to argue about your life. I have pissed you off cause you remind me of a past! [rolled eyes.] apology, no grudges once after we left. No worries, you can get that sexy girl in no time. Bad talk yet not a bad life for you! Cheer up , dude. My grumpy day is today. Bad luck seeing me on the wrong morning. Shall I leave?

A young, pretty woman, with a plump size sexy body passed by him. She out of a sudden hit Christopher body whilst holding a helmet on her hand. He turned his body looked expressionlessly on her.

Sierra : Oh my god. I am sorry,boy. I did not notice you. Are you feeling alright? Or should I get you a medicine?? My bad. Did my helmet pained you somewhat?

Christopher: [ Rubbing his arms ] I'm just fine. No problems. 

Sierra: Ah that's awesome to hear. You know what, you are such a handsome boy! You look likely identical to someone i know in the past? Hmmm, my ex-steady boyfriend. ah yes. Since his missing from my life, I never see someone as alike as him. Somehow you reminds me of him. 
[ Flirting. admiring his looks.] You know I am missing him . I am not sure his on earth or his whereabouts . When I looked at you now, I can feel his presence near me. 
I'm the most lucky girl to have seen you as him. Can I have your number? I can discuss more about this, Mr. handsome. [Swung her curly hair backwards.]

Christopher : Hmmmmm, that's a complement. Thanks. I just seen you I am unsure to offer you my number. I am not him after all. I appreciate your kind chat. It's a big mistakes or you need to wear glasses. I am not your ex boyfriend! I can't be him even you think i look alike.
Sierra: I am telling you the truth. You are very mean. Am I not sexy enough to have your number? I have a motorbike. I can give you a ride cause you seem lost and exhausted . You will never regret with me as your girlfriend after knowing me. Why take you so long to give me your number?  The sudden bumped it's our journey to know each other and be loved. Can't you see I am yours now ?

Christopher: Oh no! You never understand what I have mentioned before. I don't have interests to know you.I don't crush you to have a ride with you. Forget me. This beautiful girl by my side. can't you see her waiting for me? It's my girlfriend. You leave us alone now.

Sierra: No way! I am yours not her. you making me insane for being very mean. She steals you from me! Impossible. 

George: Sierra! Why you yelling at a strangers? You still unwell. Don't annoyed others. Let's get going. It's late. Mum waiting for us, sister. Apology , dude! Sierra has disturbed you earlier . She somewhat talk to any strangers without thinking. She's a little depressed after her losses of her past ex-boyfriend marry someone else not her. Her mind isn't working well- she is mentally crazy. Don't give her your number. She don't mean what she saying. Trust me I must bring her back home. She needs her medicine. She has totally lost control of her brain. Sorry, Mr. Her insanity has waste your enjoyment. Thank you for your time. Excuse us for now. 

Christopher: I'm cool. Don't worry. Everything taken care of. Nobody injured by her depression. Empathy. Hope she gets well pretty soon along with get over her past ex-bf and move on then. Such a saddening endings to have mental illness on a pretty young girl who can contribute more in her youth than just being crazy over uncaring, psychotic ex-bf. All she needs only someone to love her. Thanks, sir for your help. It's very helpful indeed.

George: Oh yes. Much welcome. Thanks for the advice. Got to go now. Take care. Sierra let's go home. You better don't do this again.

Sierra:[Yelling] Arrrrggg, he is my bf! She cant be with him! I Miss you Patrick! I hate that Ugly girl! Don't touch my bf!

Princess: Oh Wow! That's very intense deeply crushing your heart. She loves you though. You got a new fan crush now. Amazingly puzzled! I am perturbed by her illness.

Christopher : Thanks for saving my life from getting to know a wrong girl. I don't believe you ended up assisting each other after our nonsense talking before. Haha, its strange , hmmmm. 

Princess: I am leaving now. It is getting to late now. See you around one day on earth. Neither I  know you now nor asking for your number. It's impolite. earth isn't that gigantic for us to meet. Take care, dude! You saved my day too. 
She swiftly left him and rushed to the nearby stall to get her drinks and foods. After all done, she went to her car wherein her driver waiting to send her back home. She has been tiring when her entire day spent speaking to an unknown stranger. Mr.anonymously kind-hearted has saved her life from a saddened depression woman. Somehow it's a passer by who needed additional attention to cure her from her illness. Eww, she be back home soon with loads of jobs to be done and nobody knew how she has dealt with every now and then. Work is life.Life is all about her work. Do what you love. You never feel like you are working for a day! 

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