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Celebrity Crush : Chapter Three [ 3 ]

 Scene : Three 

Chapter : Three 

Location : Mansion . Library room on the third floor .

Casts : Princess . Tiffany . Little Jenny.

Time : Early morning . 9.30 am . A warm weather .

Plot : A waste of time ? Get a life you deserve. He's mine but yours Now?

After the incident of princess and christopher , she was totally despaired seeing him with her bestie , having a secret affair in their castle . She has been having a sleepless night , thinking about the unexpected issues . She had made up her mind to go home to her dad's place . Letting him be happy with his new girlfriend . There was no meaning to be living together without devotion from him. After taking breakfast , she quickly went to the library room in the mansion. Tiffany was unseen this morning . While in the library , she heard someone entered the room. Surprised ! It was Tiffany , her ruthless bestie , pretending nothing has happened last night.


Hey girl ! What you doing here alone ? About last night , sad to watch you fired up with him. Haha, so  you heard the fact about us . The secret affair ? The reality he don't adores you . Hence , the sweetheart was me , Ms. Beauty Super model - Tiffany . Must I yell louder to you ? You don't have to wait for him here . You can carry your cute baby to your dad and show him , how's you have been cheated like a roasted turkey , girl ? He loves me more than everything else . I am his future wife pretty soon . Eww ! 


Eww ! I am tremendously acknowledge . You are the sexy feminine lady , he has been eyeing for to be in his life . I will leave this mansion , this week or earlier . I am packing my belongings alongside my luggage to somewhere . You can leave this library now ! I want to be alone unaccompanied by a trash pest likely as you , Tiffany.

Tiffany left the room instantly . Princess walked slowly to the box of present placed on top of the shelves . She opened the box hurriedly , to discover an antique camera given by her ex-bestie . She put the camera on the desk wondering what the camera for ? It's never been a gifts from her friends or family. A new piece of gifts would always be the best gifts from somebody or anyone . Perplexed ?!

All of a sudden , the camera started to shift it's position to the right of the desk. Princess was shocked to watch the camera in action. She turned her head around the room but saw nobody suspicious around the room . Subsequently, a loud crazy boom came across the room. Apart from that , a strange voice talking without a physical body in the room . She began to stand up from her chair  and moved away from the invisible voice. She's getting a goosebumps !

Invisible Voice

Hey , girl ! Have we met before ? Don't touch that camera , please . I am the owner of camera ! Why am I here in this partial , dark , library room ? Whoa , it is getting eerie , aren't you ? You can't see me but I can talk to you . Hehe . Am I weird ? Don't worry , I won't harm you if you are kind to me . I don't want to talk to you . However , you have to say something before I leave this library room. I'm an invisible voice of the camera . My name is or else call me Jenny.


Hey yeah ! You freak me out with your voice . So you must be having a boring life indeed talking with a motionless camera . What can I help you with now or can you don't annoys me when I am busy with my job? Nice name , Jenny . I mean Jenny. Why are you here in the room , Miss Genie Jenny. [ Laugh out loud . ] Haha!? 

Voice [ Jenny ]

Oh wow thanks , young girl ! You are a polite beautiful lady . With due respect , I won't harm you in any forms . I am not a ghost or vampire to suck your blood . I am not thirsty . I am here to help with your life. The previous girl enter this room , she was a villain girl . She is a sad lady. I don't like her , obviously . You can change your life now or never . First of all , look into the camera lense now - you will see a common background of the room . Next , just say this little secret words - shushush swoosh - Those magic words will assist you instantly . Look again into the lense of the camera and snap  a picture of anything . You will absolutely travel to another destination world or country . Just imagine which island you wanted to go . That's your wishes. With one condition , you must bring along your antique camera most of the time. Or else you will never go home ever again. Lastly, I will be with you , if you need me one day. Don't be fearful of unsuccessful hope , just whisper my name - Jenny . I will appeared instantly . I will be right back . Enjoy the first magical snapshot, beautiful . [ Vanished into thin air immediately . ] 



Miss Jenny ! Genie Jenny ! Hey there . Are you still there ? I am princess , by the way. Thanks much for the humor snap shot. I will try later and show you my success! Haha. But I don't think, I can switch my sadness to blissful endings . Maybe , Jenny ! Good day ! [ Still holding on to the camera in deep thoughts. ]  Hey, hey, hey jenny come back again if you have something to tell . Hmmmmmmmmmmmm .....a lost of hope. Do you have a spare? Camera , camera what you have for me today?  He's gone........................Goodbye my Love.

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 ' Despairless . Always a soulmate for every each of us. Believe. Never walk alone. Enjoy every steps of the walk. Love yourself and you be loved . Nice day lovelies. '



Celebrity Crush : Chapter Three [ 3 ]

 Scene : Three  Chapter : Three  Location : Mansion . Library room on the third floor . Casts : Princess . Tiffany . Little Jenny. Time : Ea...

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