Thursday 9 March 2023

Secret Boyfriend: Episode Four

Scene : Four

Casts : Clare. Clare's Dad.

Location: Home [Condominium] High-rise Condominium.

Time: Evening after her job.

Plot: An invitation letter to attend. Are you coming?

Clare was busy watching her television program. Out of a sudden, she received a phone call- buzzing continuously. Her dad called her, his name appeared on the phone screen. She immediately answered the call. Her dad rarely called her. However, it could be pretty emergency. What was it about? Her dad deep voice blaring across her mobile phone.

Dad: Clare! Omg,clare. Are you there? Or lost My kiddo? Clare, stop hiding. Your dad, here.

Clare: Yes, dad. I am listening. What was it?

Dad: Okay calm down, honey. I am organising a grand evening dance event specifically for my clothing boutique. It's very huge , classic and rich. Inviting all my Vip clients and business partners for this exclusive entrance . Will you be coming , my daughter?


 Clare: Oh, my dad! I'm thrilled as well as excited. When will that be? Any delicious foods, buffet for me? Yeah, I will bring along my buddies too. Indeed, enlightening, Yes.....Yes.

Dad: Oh my goodness, yes bring your fabulous squad. However, on one condition, your lifetime partner, boyfriend or future husband? Anything you mention it. I request his. As soon as you step into this grand event. if you not inviting him , I am not allowing you to see me . I am very stern about this requests. You get it on your head, Clare. Your dad not a clowning joker.

Clare: Dad! No way! This not happening. Are you out of your mind? I am pretty busy. I have got no date for the past years. Please be more lenient, my handsome dad. Hahahahaha, I am laughing about your demands.

Dad: Yeah, my stunning daughter. I have got fax coming in. Talk to you later. Please be braced. The event by end of the month. No boyfriend, no dance buffet.

The phone hanged up instantly. After the severe warnings. Clare wasn't thrilled but panic despair. She really wished to attend the grand event. However, her dad not in a joyous mood this week. Yeah, his upcoming fashion trend for the ladies and gentlemen, making him working round the clock. Less time for his family. Nonetheless, he was very concerned  pertaining to Clare steady boyfriend. Not expecting Clare being single all the time.

P/S I am doubting she has found a lover in a short period of time. Will she be attached after the demands?

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Stay tuned. More patience. Working on the next characters and stories. Enjoy life.


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