Sunday 5 March 2023

Secret Boyfriend [Episode Three]

Episode : Three

Casts : Christopher. Veronica. Clare.

Time : After 12 Noon.

Location : Gym Nearby Mall.



Christopher was practising  with his running . He was keeping himself fit and slim. He was on the jogging track machine. At the sametime, he was busy flirting with a tall , beautiful lady. 

Chris : You're beautiful , Veronica. You have a boyfriend or a lonely lady ? [Looking intensely on her lips.]

Veronica: Hey, Cutey boy! [Smile coyly] Are you hitting on me ? I'll tell you later.

Chris: Yeah , yup. I'm in a rush to the gent .[Toilet.] I talk to you soon. [Winking his right eye at Veronica.]

While walking briskly to the gent, he accidentally dropped someone mobile phone. The phone broke and dispersed into pieces on the floor. A loud metal sound broke the silence.

Chris: Omg! Apology Miss...... Ma'am?

Clare : Oh No! My phone!?!? Are you clumsy? You better repair this or else.....?

Chris : Wait, hold up! Don't get rage. I am paying for this phone. 

Clare: I don't want your cash ! What should i do now??!

Chris : Well, stop yelling! This my name card. CAll me if you need my help, babe.

Clare: Well, thank you. Maybe I call but I can afford a phone, dude!

Christopher left the babe in a dilemma. He found her familiar. Chris returned back to Veronica after the the busy washroom. Clare was busy running on the track machine.  She must enforced herself to get fit and sexy lean as demanded.


Meanwhile, she incidentally caught a glimpse of Christopher holding the girl hands. Uh, Clare just knew he got a girlfriend somehow. No matter what, she don't bothered or puzzled. Yeah, his girlfriend was absolutely pretty than Clare Belle or maybe no. Hmmmm, he was a charmer, diamond jawline as well as flawless skin. Could probably enchant any girls instantly. Still ongoing- running exercising on the machine constantly. She never stops and will never be. She was sweating alongside feeling exhausted.In spite of her hobby, her eyes kept looking and turning head- at the adorable couple kissing each other publicly. She was getting disgusted as well as annoyed with that Young boy who had bumped on her earlier today. Notwithstanding, he was still present near to her machine. Oh yeah, Clare just got dumped by her past crazy ex- boyfriend - that's the reasons being disgusted  watching  a love drama right on her sight. While running , talking to heart, '' please both guys, cute couple. Don't make kissing scene here. I am not in the mood to have a date out tonight. Do it somewhere when I am not around,  to feel the annoyance of your drama right now its not my idea of  being stationed here as a lamppost. 'oh no, rubbing among each other waist and eeeee.....gosh slapping the sexy butt.' Was he making me envied or what was he thinking? Uh luckily, he finally stopped- he went behind her and tied her long silky hair. Well, Clare Belle be focused . Don't look at him! 

P/s:: Why Clare looking at Christopher all the time? She was unhappy over the mistakes or admiring his beauty? Do you think she will meet Christopher one day even he has a 'steady girlfriend' or after he is a single man? 

Stay tuned. Catch on the next chapter. #non-fiction novel #artificial #romantic comedy.


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