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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Eight [8]

 Scene : Eight [8]

Casts: Clare. Leandre. Lorenzo. Christopher.

Location: Luxury Hotel. Dinner & Dance Festive. [Ballroom]

Time: Evening. Almost Dark.


Many Vips, guests and business partners attended this festival. It's crowded as well as filled out most of the dining seats. Musical song aired across the huge ballroom. Variety of food and beverages for the selection. It's unforgettable the guests. 


Dad [Leandre] : Hey, Mr. Victor. How's the show for this festival? What do you think?


Lorenzo: It's pretty overwhelming. Having amazing insightful conversation with other Vips as well. Pertaining to our partner deal. Haven't caught sight of Clare . Perhaps, she can answer your deal. 

[ Smirked face]


Dad: Again, Mr. Lorenzo?! You mean Clare? She is outside waiting for her guests. you can have a chat with her as soon as she returns.


 Lorenzo: Ah Yes! That's Clare, Mr. Leandre. Mmmmm, some guy with her. I am not happy about it. [Roll eyes.]


Dad: Sorry, Lorenzo? Say it, again? The voices behind getting louder.


Clare: Daddy! [Waving towards Mr. Leandre.] I'm coming.


Dad: Hey, Princess! You almost late, Baby Girl! [Laughing.] Whose that with you? Anything special this evening, my princess?! 


 Clare: Dad, I'm waiting for Mr. Him. Your future son-in-law.[Laughing falsely.]

Christopher stood handsomely like a fashion model proudly smiling to Clare's father. Before he could shake this hand and greet Mr. Leandre, He had been greeted by Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: [Smirking his smile,] I'm Lorenzo - Mr. Leandre future business partner. Above all, I am Miss Clare Ex- boyfriend. Thus so, you are her king or ?

Christopher: Hello, I am Chris. [Before he could further his sayings - Clare cut their greeting instantly.]

Clare: Ah hey Lorenzo! Wonderful greeting. You don't have to talk about the past to Chris. Those are foul impression to Chris. Don't you have job meetings with your clients, Mr. Lorenzo . Damn!

Lorenzo: Leandre [Roll eyes up.] As promised, our deal be secured - unless my wedding with your daughter approved . Haven't I told you , dad , oops - I admire Clare.

Christopher : What?! Say it again. Did I heard some confessions?

Dad: Oh wait, hold up. Nobody is angry. Stay calm everyone. Lorenzo , I can figure out your prospect. I have no say, yet. I will ask Clare for her decisions. It's her Life. Will discuss this later.

Lorenzo: Yeah , I can't wait. She be mine - That's absolutely a no go for - Mr. Christopher.

Christopher: Mr. Lorenzo, You listen to Clare words to her dad. I'm her prince. are you lost, Mr.????

Lorenzo: Oh yes - Mr. Chris or Mr. just a kiss, I don't care. You can never touch get my ex-girlfriend! You are dreaming  or sleeping? Clare is ain't yours.

Christopher: You are jealous loser, Lorenzo. Come again! Mr. Lorenzo or Mr. Low Rent maybe. Ah, curing our princess from major 'heartbreak' isn't the reality to Miss Clare. Shut up, Damn it, Victor. What else Mr.  Honey CEO?

Lorenzo: Wow, Yes! I'm watching who won battleships. You - Mr. Christopher or ain't me- Mr. Lorenzo? I ensure you are not her prince charming - Damn! Unless,  you Mr. Business Tycoon - Ah, I'm considering she's your Queen. [ Smirked his smile.]

Christopher: Damn you! Shut that mouth , eek! Whether I am rich or poor - It doesn't matter to you. Who cares? Let say it, I'm in love with her. What can you do about it? You want to steal her from me or murder me? Haha [ chuckling coyly.]

Lorenzo: [ Looked  up in his thoughts. Then, turned his head furiously.] Do I look as a serial killer, Christopher? Ish Ish, I'm better off with my pile of office documents,rather than shoot you. Haha. Smirked]

Christopher: Well, I tell you what, Mr. Lorenzo. I'll see you soon one day. We'll figure out how to resolve those dumpster love affair. I'm busy with my job phone calls now. Chat later....[Walked away hastily.]

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