Sunday 19 March 2023

Secret Boyfriend [Episode Nine]

Scene: Nine[9]

Casts: Christopher. Princess.

Time: Night.

Location: Luxury Hotel. Sky Park Elite. Top Floor.

Christopher held a glass of juice while admiring a stunning gold dress worn by princess. A fairest youthful girl stood alone locking her eyes on him - making him nervous and shy too. Both surprised with their first meeting or dating for a purpose. Alongside, the crazy confrontations from Mr. Lorenzo , making Chris very uncomfortable with their dating moments.  Apart from that, Princess held her plate of ice cream chocolate cake to consume while waiting to have a chat with him.


Christopher: Wow! I'm the luckiest boy to have been picked up by Miss Princess. The festival is magical glamour. Your dad was outspoken gentleman. He never shy away from opportunity to get close to anybody. Opportunity is wealth. You never know who you talking to might get you another best job deals. You are a sexy queen indeed! No wonder, Lorenzo very pissed off over us.

Princess: Whoa! I'm blushing , Chris. You are sweet-looking boy. You saved my life from Mr. Sarcasm- Lorenzo. You are spontaneous to argue with Lorenzo. Despite the fact, you don't know anything about me.You can pretend that I'm your girlfriend when Lorenzo see us together.

Christopher: I am fine about it. You have hired me as your boyfriend as mentioned in our deal. Thus far, I'm certainly pretending to be yours. Apparently, it's awkward but I am professional dater. However, I am feeling a slight special seeing a sexy princess standing close to me. Perhaps, you could tell me a little more about Miss Stunning Princess.

Princess: I have to confess right now. I hired you as my boyfriend because my dad wanted to see my virtual husband to be. But, I have to ask you for a favor . It's too much demands from me. I know you been paid and leave me after this event over by midnight.

Christopher : Are you saying I am force to leave you now ? If I choose to stay with you - I might stay. I am mesmerize by your fairest beauty.

Princess: I think you look familiar . Have we met before? Do you think so? Or I have mistaken you with someone else.

Christopher: I can't recall anything . Maybe ain't me. What else you want me to do here, princess?

Princess: Firstly, I want you to get rid of Lorenzo. He is very jealous of me. On the other hand, I am going dancing on the ballroom floor - to have some peace before Lorenzo annoys me in this festival. Ah, you can even dance ballet if you want to in front of the audience. Hmm mm......

Christopher: Well, I am helping you. Your demands will be fulfilled anytime. I can see Lorenzo is strolling here there looking for someone . Aha.. he is thinking you avoiding his companion tonight. He cant forget your 'Love Affair' with him.

Princess: I don't think so he is having girlfriends too anywhere in his life. I am not exceptional for him. He is judging I am alone after the separation. Let's go to the ballroom . Dad might be waiting for us . We are taking too long, Mr. Christopher.

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