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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Twelve [12]

Scene : Twelve [12]

Casts : Princess. Christopher . Lorenzo .

Location : Photo-studio . One of the Main Office . CLassyLand Avenue 12

Time : Morning, 11 am .

Plot : If shutting me off was all you ever wanted - I 'll race to win your heart. Despair or happiness ?

Novel : Chapter Twelve.

Christopher invited Princess to come over to his office. Princess never know he got his own fashion photography office. He was having a big prevalent project assignment for his clients. He wanted Princess to be part of his project . He acquired more classy models for his photo shoot alongside videography for his ' Retro Glamour Fashion Magazine '. Not forgetting , TV commercial for her. 

Princess : Whoa! Chris , this is a huge fashion shoot office. Thanks for the project . I never knew you are the big boss owner here. 

Chris : Yes , princess . I have a gift for you . Please accept this rose and a box of diamond ring . It's a token of my longing love for you . I want you to be my true girlfriend and future wife one day . Will you love me as who I am and be part of my life forever? 

Princess : Wow - Truly Mr. Chris ? You ' re not kidding me ! It's a stunning red rose with a ring ? Amazing proposal. On the project day. It's today . I hope no ears on our conversation . A big ' Yes ' for my prince , Christopher . The ring is as charming as the buyer . Haha . If you are  the ring , I am the white diamond . Likewise meant to be together - will never be apart. shine bright break none.

Chris : Yes , you are Miss Diamond of my heart . Thank you , my love . 

[ Hold her hands looking into her eyes deeply . ] 

You are the queen of rose but I am only the vase - I will hold you everyday everywhere . Thus you won't fall apart , unsupervised . [ Princess gently touch his nose with laughter .]  

If I am the moon , I will wait for you every night to keep you safe while you walk alone anywhere . Cause you are my star . We always live closer no matter how far . 

Princess : If I am the water , I will shower you . You always take your bath cause you never want to miss me - your water will flood you in your bath tub . 

Chris : Haha [ Laughter. ] Hmmm ... Witty ! Sigh ..........

Lorenzo : [ Clapping his hands loud .]  Wow , Bravo! You are wrapping your arms around Princess . Whoa ! Please don't do this here . I think you know I am waiting for my photo shoot with my princess . What the hell is happening now ? Our battle challenge isn't over yet ? 

Chris : Well , princess has accepted my wedding proposal today . Hence , there's no challenge Mr. Lorenzo . Perhaps , you can try next time . You can please proceed taking model photo shoot with your secret admirer right now . I am calling my photographers . Please be patient . 

Lorenzo : I think I am considering talking or discuss this after our project . [ Smirked his smile . ]

All of them proceed to the photo shoot location without wasting much time . The photo shoot was flocked with couple of  gorgeous models alongside photographers watching the artistic work . Lorenzo was a tall and handsome model taking a flair poses with a stunning, soft as well as fairest model . Both looked perfection as expected by the clients . Sexy-looking models being fascinated by the audience . Both princess hands all over Lorenzo - hence making christopher a slight envied . However , Chris being years doing in this field , he tried to look professional for his project . Lorenzo knew the opportunity to swoon princess during the model job - was getting harmless . Despite of his efforts , he was enraged by the ignorant of princess . Will he be able to get princess back to his arms ? 


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