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Secret Boyfriend : Episode 18

Scene : Eighteen [18]

Casts : Christopher. Princess. Tiffany. 

Location : Chris's Mansion. Living room.

Time : Morning. A bright sunny day.

Chapter : 18. [Novel 1 _Secret Boyfriend.]

Plot : A ____  overstayed! Everything turned spooky. What must you do, honey? -Fantasy-

Chris was having an early breakfast. In addition, he was making bread and fried eggs for princess. While preparing breakfast, he heard a door bell rang from outdoor. He rushed to the front door to find out whose the morning visitor. He swung open the door slowly. He discovered a pretty lady stood before him in a friendly manner. She greeted him politely as well as smiling away.

Tiffany: Hello, Mr.Christopher. I am Miss Tiffany , looking for princess. She's around or else I will call her later? You are her husband, am I right? 

Chris: Hey , Tiffany. she is here. Please wait first. I will call her now to talk to you.

Tiffany: Hmm , thanks much . I am lucky indeed. I will wait for her then. 

Chris: Princess, someone looking for you. What you doing now? Come to the door here, please. Your guest is here waiting for you.

Princess: Yes, I am coming to you. Hey, Tiffany! Come on, inside. You have arrived faster than I expected . We can have a long constant chat in my mansion.

Tiffany: Your mansion is tremendously beautiful. It was pretty hard to find your home. After your last call, finally, I could easily get to the place with the help of the taxi cab driver. You never told me your husband is very handsome. She is indeed lucky to be with you till now and then. Congratulations for the successful wedding ceremony! I have bought a gift box for both of you - the loving couple.

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Chris: Welcome to our humbled palace, Tiffany. Hehe. You are a stunning lady as well. Much glad with the exclusive gifts. Have a comfortable seat otherwise take a look around as you wish. I will be leaving you both pretty bestfriends here - I am going for a business trip. I will be right back as soon as i can. My darling princess , kindly look after our baby in your tummy as well as yourself. Don't over work , honey. Your baby needs a deep good rest too. Got to go , ladies.


Tiffany: Hey, pretty woman. My best of the best buddy - May I take this chance to stay with you for about a couple of weeks? It has been a long , jet -lagged flight , my princess.


 Princess: Absolutely sure ! You are welcome to stay here temporarily as you wish. Let me know if you need any additional help. You can ask the servants to help you out with daily chores. Your guest room will be on the second floor. I will show you now so you can put your luggage in the room. [ She hand over the colourful gifts to princess.]


Thanks much for the kindness. I will inform you when I will be leaving here back to my home. Everything will be back to normal. [ Walking slowly to the guest room while talking about her sad love story to her bestfriend.] I broke up with my ex boyfriend after I caught him talking to his other girlfriend. She is a crazy girl but about to recover after dating my ex-bf. She is sort of born from a rich family culture. but a little mad after being cursed by some ex-bf whom hated her very deeply. My ex-bf trusted her wholely. Thus, that's the end of the disaster. Do you know the cursed can turned my life upside down? I am frustrated about it. How I wish he didn't met that crazy woman? Eww, ugly cursed! Damn it. 


Eww ah! That's boring , right . Don't be fret! Panic! You will certainly find your soulmate pretty soon. You are gorgeous and sexy - he will proposed to you. That crazy woman was sick however she can't recover if your ex-bf didn't came to rescue her. That's strange just passed by her to medicate her somehow fated by god . Was your ex-bf an emotional doctor of life consultant for her? Hmm, no comments. Weird? It is absolutely fine! You're here now having fun sight seeing the entire island. Carry on meet new friends here. You might bumped into someone special and get him engaged to you, if you loved him though. Introduce your new lover to me - if you found the one better than before. Wishing you all the best of luck! If someone you loved , loved you , he will never be with someone else. He will always be with you. No matter how stunning the other person than you. He is into you or never at all! Find the true love who will never stop loving you ! Your ex-lover is a darn trash - he don't adores you. Forget about him ! Move on , pretty woman!



     Eww, princess! I can forget about him surely. That's the reasons why I stay with you here. I am relaxing my mind and sure to let you meet my new lover if I found the one. Thanks much for the advice. Hope to see your new born baby soon. Must be a party to have a cute baby in your family. We should have some quick meals together before going to bed , dear. Take care of yourself where ever and when ever. 

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