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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Sixteen

Scene : Sixteen [16]

Casts : Christopher. Princess. Christopher's Mum.

Location : Huge Victorian Mansion. Chris's 2nd Residential.

Time : Morning.

Plot : When Love don't costs a Thing. Am I part Of your Scam? Neither the Chosen One.

Novel : Chapter [16]

Christopher : Yes , your highness ! [ Giggled ] Princess , you have arrived - reached your destination . Your ultimate palace ! Do you admire this place ?

Princess : What ?! Don't speak like a royal king or queen , Chris? Wow ! What a sea breeze castle ? Are you married or have a kids living here ? Why it's so spacious as though eight maids in the house ? Are you joking , Mr. Christopher ? Likely you have kids but you sealed your family secrets , don't you dare lie - Mr. Charmer !

Christopher : Eww! I don't care Princess ! I can say anyhow in any rhythm about you ! Cause you are mine today and ever after . Don't be grumpy , love . Yes, I have pretty maids to assist you with all your daily chores . No questions, pretty lady . We are getting married this week . I ensure you will not turn your back later . Haha , I'm overwhelmed . 

Princess : Wait ! That's a dashing wedding . Why you can't put on hold by next month ? Can you afford the price of the wedding party ? Wow! You are likely as wealthy as Mr. Lorenzo ? 

Christopher : I can't wait for you , my sweetheart . Yeah , you can lie later , you crush someone else . Now, this my White Diamond - costing $4K to buy your heart . All cash for your wedding gifts only for you, $40K - $80K , on your palm now. Ain't enough , tell me how much more , my stunning princess ? 

Princess : Wow! That's the price of my heart! Or your love for me ? Hmmmm.....very generous ! I'm ain't asking for that much . However , you giving as a gift , I take and earn it . If I change my mind , will I be saved here , Mr. Handsome Prince ? 

Christopher : Saved ? Miss beautiful , you don't joke in the middle of no where island ! I'm very rage . No mood with your words . So , my gifts not what you wish for . Then , I feel like slapping your pretty face . You damn waste my entire time , hour travel here . Now what ? 

Princess : Yeah , Dare You! Shut Up ! You don't love me like you do before . You just think I am a piece of meat . You are using me for a nonsensical purpose ! [ Tears rolling down on her face . ]

Christopher : I can absolutely poison you now if I want . Even Killed myself hence no other boyfriend can be with you - we lived happily together . Say it damn faster ! Wedding or postpone ? 

Christopher's Mum : Bravo! Indeed , a lovely conversation ! I have heard your arguments . You don't force Princess to marry you , my son . She is too gorgeous to be with you . As sexy as a Superstar Model can choose her best man anytime . You out of the league , son . We are popularly wealthy , don't need this competition . Princess , forget my son ! You are indecisive as well as playful indeed . My son won't ask you for a knot for the sake of self - centered ! Don't you show this boastful lady in my mansion . You have other girlfriend - Estee , why you never marry her ? 

Princess : So you are a Liar ? you have other girlfriend besides me . [ She ran away , storming her feet . Crying heavily . ] Don't ever talk about us anymore ! You are making me hate a scadinavian crap Liar !

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Christopher : Mum! Why you hurt , Princess ? She is my only lover . What was that sarcasm about ? Which Estee ? Who? That girl I brought before wasn't any string attached . Just my best buddy , Mum. 

Mum : Oops, sorry my honey son . I wasn't have one interest looking at Princess . She is strange - always changing her decision . Well , don't be mad . She left you here , am I right ? But, please make a wise choice. You can only marry once in a lifetime . Don't make a wrong wife . You will have a dumb Life ! Wrong wife - Bad Boring Life.

Christopher : Whatsoever ! I choose what I want . I prove to you I never regret later . Don't interfere about my life and Princess . Please respect my decision , mum . Thanks much . I'm leaving you here . Message me if you have urgent job for me . [ Kiss Mum on the cheeks . ] 

Chris trying to look for Princess , everywhere but she was lost to nowhere . He was searching for her . All of a sudden , he saw a shadow seated alone at the spacious balcony. 

Christopher : My darling love , why you left me alone waiting for you ? 

Princess : You have given me a pain . I am heartbroken with the sudden confessions . What is our talk now?

Christopher : Listen.  I have proposed to you earlier . Was it tough to put trust on my words ? My wedding ring have passed on to you . Anything else , I never done to show the meaning of my love on you . I feel like yelling loud so the entire world knows I love you . Only you and Boom !! Get married perhaps the next day . I am unchanging my thoughts pertaining to us . Don't disheartened me . Not anymore. Hey Lady ! Pretty sexy lady ! I am your charming husband by tomorrow when the sun rise - once after you wake up , watching me by your side almost everyday , my Love !! 

              Do you believe in miracles ? I will hold your soft palm by your side . Cuddle you  every morning and kiss your forehead to show my deepest affection as your loving husband . I can cook breakfast for you without asking my maids . Is it lovely , my darling love ! ? So will you be my wife till death do us apart ? [ Knelt down on his knees . At the same time , held her hands firmly . ] 

Princess : [ Looking intensely into his eyes . ] Undoubtedly , please don't kneel in front of me . Rise my midnight moon . I am taking your hands and words . You are proven to be my darling husband , Baby. As you dreamed before , your wish has been granted. Sweep my feet even more! Ah yes, not forgetting my crystal glass heel , My Prince. Hehe.. A Loud Yes! After today, in the morning when the sun rise , I am your Lovely Wife! 

Christopher : Yes ! [ Yelling aloud ] Please be braced for the wedding party . It's a blast - Inviting all my buddies and business partners , only for you , sweetheart. [ Music blaring on the background - If I let you go  . ] 

He slowly caressed her cheeks . Once after , he gave a peck of kissed on her lips. Behaving a slight playful - he smooches all over her face and neck.


The day almost coming closer to their wedding day . The two lovely birds smiling away walking to their own private bedroom . wrapping arms together going to have a good night rest . Whispering about the happiness on the big day . The silent night likely to have answered their endless prayers . Boom! Simply wait for their enchanted miraculous wedding pretty soon. Goosebumps! 


 *What will happened after or on their wedding ceremony ? Stay tuned . Catch on the next Chapter for more stories* ↪


+Loving You Doesn't Mean We have to be together. Your Thoughts Remain. Moving on stronger with a shadow I can't Hold.+ 




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