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Secret Boyfriend : Episode Fourteen [14]

Scene : Fourteen [ 14 ]

Casts : Christopher . Princess . Leandre(Dad) . Lorenzo . 

Location : Christopher 's Condominium [ Outdoor ] 

Time : Night . 8 pm sharp . Clock Ticking fasT . 

PLot : Overcome my desires. Neither Needed Nor wanted. What should I do ?

NoveL : Chapter [ 14 ] Fourteen.


Christopher : My Appealing princess , I can't marry you . Your dad didn't allowed me to be with you . He is utterly grumpy and fussy. Can't convinced him to even say an easy 'Yes' as his son-in-law . I have to surrender from this unaccomplished 'project' . [ He folded his arms  . ]


Princess : Why you give up ? I have paid you before as my boyfriend thus you are Tremendously my lover not him . Abide by My Regulations , Mr. Handsome . (Smiling away with a soft, hopeful eyes glaring at him .)


Christopher : Why? Who is Mr. him ? He is damn rudeness . He wants to steal my girlfriend alongside future wife to be . He is mad as fuck . I might as well killed him if i find out where he lived . 

Say something princess ! You don't shut me out cause you are engaged in this horrendous stupid wedding plans . [ Threw his wallet in fiery manner on the floor. ]


Princess : What ! Oh , wait - Chris. You are my sweet lover for life ! You don't trust me anymore . You blamed my dad . Whatever ! Should I tell you about Mr. Nobody that daddy adores so much . Eww, dad just wants the deal not serious though . C'mon Chris , we are fighting for what Intentions ? 


Christopher : A jealous bitch ! Princess , you stop yelling ! I am your boyfriend . I want to live with you forever so shut up . Was that your ex- boyfriend, Lorenzo ? Am I true Princess ? Now what ? You choose him - Mr. Lorenzo , I will murder you too . I am unsatisfied with those wedding planners . 


A dashing  porsche , [ Luxury white gold car ] swung by the road side in a seconds . All of a sudden,  Stepping out from the enormous car , two familiar man wearing a black suit looking intensely at princess and Christopher .


Daddy : Princess ! Don't argue, fight with Christopher . It's late night - please go home now . What are you doing in the middle of the cold night with this depressed, poor boy ? You never Listen to me, aren't you sweetie cupcake??


Princess : No, dad ! I want to be with Christopher . We are going on a romantic date . Why are you here spying on me ? You are supposed to be in the 'karaoke bar' with your fellow VIPS, my daddy?


LOrenzo : [ Clapping his hands . ] Princess , you better listen to your dad ! [ Yelling .] Yes , Mr. Chris . I am her future husband - the dad has discussed  earlier .  You are prohibited from dating or touching her . Stand apart - don't get close, close and closer. Get it , Mr. Kiss? Hmmmm....

Christopher : What you cheering jeering about ?! Whatever your wedding with Miss whoever . Only in your dreams . Princess is certainly still my Sweetheart ! You get out of my way . I want to smash, slam your face . Shut up, Mr. Lorenzo . You are likewise a disgusting pest of trash near us . Ewwwwww....

Lorenzo : [ Pulling princess arms hurriedly to the vehicle as reprimanded by her dad . ] Follow me now , Princess.... ! 

Christopher : Hey Lorenzo . Stop touching my girl ! I said stop now . She is going with me . Never bleed my darling skin, you jerk! Hands off her!  [ Chris was very enraged with the stubborn, snobbish Lorenzo . He landed a fist punch on Lorenzo face . While shoving his body fast , Lorenzo fell on the ground . chris pulled princess arm hastily further away from Lorenzo . ] 


Christopher : Everybody , listen to me ! ( With Loud , stern deep voice raised on top of his lungs. ) 

All in all , princess is still my girl - Princess of My Heart . I am her true man - her darling . None  can snatch her from me . Don't  get in my way of our marriage . Mr. Lorenzo , if you dare steals her heart , you never see princess or your face any again in this world . I have warned this ! It's a demands. Don't make me place my bet . I ensure Nobody touch or taste her lips ever again . I might look insane because you have planned a crazy undesirable love wedding . Game over!

[ Holding her arms  into his luxury heights condominium hastily. Escaping the sight of them . ]

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Re-edited : A-lv. 


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